Fulfillment services at WS Packaging GroupA successful project demands precision fulfillment.

Your on-call resource for every fulfillment challenge

After the investment of developing, managing, and producing a project, it's critical that you rely on experts to execute the fulfillment stage. Our experience enables us to anticipate potential challenges and build safeguards into the process to ensure smooth completion. With facilities range in size from 35,000 to 200,000 square feet, we are ready to respond to your fulfillment demands. Strategically located facilities across the U.S. and Mexico enable us to provide shorter delivery times and lower shipping costs.

Specialized packing and co-packing demands
Develop customized large-volume, individually packed kits - from small items to large-format graphics - quickly, easily and accurately.
Confidential and secure
Secure areas, which have been audited by some of America's leading brands, protect the confidentiality of any scale project.
Class III Medical grade and Superior AIB rating
A licensed food processing plant and food clean-room facilities allow us to meet the needs of the most demanding food packaging applications.
Know-how and resources
We handle assembly projects with precise specifications and have the flexibility to staff-up quickly, handle last-minute changes and turn your project around quickly.

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