Breathing exciting new life into brands

Looking to refresh or create a label that’s as unique and noteworthy as your brand?

Take a close look at DesignMaxTM , a value-added service from WS Packaging developed to review existing packages and deliver innovative solutions that breathe exciting new life into brands. DesignMaxTM offers today’s marketer new techniques in construction, cost-effective market testing and innovative design options. The flexible process is designed to engage new audiences and increase shelf presence. Fresh and innovative design options range from folding carton sleeves and heat-changing label colorations to innovative “Hour Glass” timer labels and geo-location identifiers in real-time.

The DesignMaxTM difference

Stay current
DesignMaxTM process incorporates updated guidelines, new techniques in construction, design prototypes, and technical capabilities to enhance or even transform labels and packages.

Ideal for you?

The process is ideal for brand updates, graphic updates or even entirely new brand concepts. For added convenience, customers receive electronic links to their DesignMaxTM solutions.

Market testing

Cost-effective market testing capability for up to 10 designs versus previous designs, competitive products, and other design options.

What can DesignMaxTM do for you?


DesignMaxTM Solution: Label Redesign:


DesignMaxTM Solutions: Shrink Sleeves, Folding Cartons, and Pressure Sensitive Labels

DesignMax Samples

Are you ready? We are.

FDA mandated changes in nutritional labeling will bring about the greatest changes since the label was first mandated. The new guidelines in sizing, layout and content will require a systematic review of the entire package. Our DesignMax™ process can make the changes seamless.

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