Overwrap packaging

Overwrapping turns innovative ideas into reality

Overwrapping seals printed materials, game pieces, product samples, or other items in clear or printed film to protect them or to aid in merchandising. Whether it’s in-pack or on-pack, food grade or medical grade, we offer a broad range of overwrap solutions with multiple construction options that ensure the right fit for almost any application.
  • FDA approved food contact barriers
  • Medical grade films
  • Materials that allow the overwrapped piece to be glued in or onto a package
  • Security features to help prevent tampering
  • Easy-to-open options
  • Dust, oil, water, and grease resistant barriers
  • Packaging of a dimensional item for any use, including merchandising
  • Available in thin to very thick films, tailored to the application
  • Printed or unprinted clear or colored film

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Overwrap Formats


Finseal is the most common overwrap. It features a fin of overwrap material that protrudes beyond the contents of both ends. Typical materials include BOPP (polypropylene), LDPE (low density polyethylene), and shrink wrap. The film may be clear, colored, or metalized, printed or unprinted.


TUCK-PACK™ overwrap has the fins folded over and sealed to the back of the package. It provides a neater appearance and an overall size that is closer to that of the contents. Typical material is 80- or 100-gauge BOPP film. The film may be clear, colored, or metalized, printed or unprinted. 

Hole Punch

Hole punch features a traditional Finseal overwrap with oriented polypropylene film. The end seal incorporates a sombrero punch for hanging. It is constructed of 140-gauge BOPP. The film may be clear, colored, or metalized, printed or unprinted.


KleenSeal™ is a fully enclosed pack without fins and features tight-tolerance end seals. It can be constructed of BOPP or shrink films. The film may be clear, colored, or metallized, printed or unprinted.

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