Games and Sweepstakes Promotions by WS Packaging GroupTrust one of the largest producers of game pieces in the world.

Games, contests, and sweepstakes

As one of the largest producers of game pieces in the world, we are recognized as an industry leader in promotional constructions and design, as well as having critical games security procedures. Trust WS Packaging to engage consumers and bring your games to life!

Games designed to engages
Zipper Perforated games are low cost and easy for consumers to play. Peel & Reveal dry release technology enables the top layer to peel off and still reveal a bottom layer. Scratch Offs are an exciting way to provide instant gratification and Variable Data offers clients secure, reliable data from our trusted end-to-end production process.
Construct countless possibilities
Consumers demand to be engaged in fresh, new ways and WS Packaging’s promotions comply by offering clients many hybrids of games, contests, and sweepstakes in various constructions. Combine a Scratch Off with an Overwrap that’s safe for food. Or, a Peel & Reveal game piece that adheres to a plastic-capped automotive product. Intrigued? Call us.
Quality games mean more engaged consumers
Combine our stunning 4-color variable printing capabilities with stellar security features like thermal inks and you have the most unbeatable combination in promotional games. And when it comes to quality testing, we have a state of the art lab where products can be exposed to conditions like heat, humidity, condensation and hot oils. We place our products in 120°F oil for a full 4 minutes. What other packager goes to those extremes?
Sweepstakes security you can count on
We’re known for our precise security measures, full chain of custody verification, in-line variable imaging and tamper-resistant technology. We’re also audited by some of America’s largest consumer products companies. Ask us to review your existing game packaging and we’ll show you some new and better ways to promote shopper engagement.

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With DesignMax™ we’d be delighted to review your existing packaging solutions and suggest design enhancements to trigger more shopper engagement.

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