Coupons by WS Packaging

Coupons drive impulse purchases

Instant-redeemable coupons (IRC's)  make it simple to offer coupons, recipes or to cross-sell various products.

Technology triggers impulse

Glue-Applied-Double-Dri stack labels, Extended Text, Peel Off coupons and more use innovative technology and improved print quality to engage shoppers like never before.

Help consumers decide

Beyond brand and price, coupons carry the most weight in the consumer's purchasing decision. A special incentive can attract customers at the point of purchase.

Generate a big return

An instant-redeemable coupon comprises only a small percentage of the total cost of your product and its packaging, but delivers big returns.

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Why WS Packaging for your On-pack and In-pack coupons?

On-pack and In-pack coupons are a proven way to increase sales and move more product today.

Designed for any labeling environment

Our extensive experience has led us to design precise solutions for every labeling environment including: extreme cold, extreme heat, high moisture, and wet-on-wet applications, along with high-volume, high-speed filling demands.

Case study

In-pack labels with overwrapping

Direct-food contact materials allow you to place nearly any promotion inside the package, right along with your product. Various finishing options are available including bandoliers, trays, or rolls. We can also provide the equipment for you to do the insertion.

Coupon constructions

Our coupons include multiple fraud prevention technologies, like anti-copy prevention, UV authentication, serialization, variable imaging, infrared, and holographic imagery with CIC (Coupon Information Corporation) devices, among others.


  • Virtually any coupon format you need including direct-food contact, extended text, and "ovenable"
  • Online ordering, proofing, and brand graphics management
  • Fraud prevention features
  • Printing and packaging facilities across the United States and in Mexico.

Ask us how to bring new life to your brands

With DesignMax™ we’d be delighted to review your existing packaging solutions and suggest design enhancements to trigger more shopper engagement.

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