Embed. Monitor. Capture. Track.
Is there anything our RFID can’t do for you?

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID technology is a game-changer for your business. If you have a toll pass on your windshield, if you’ve run a marathon or paid using Apple Pay, you’ve used RFID technology. Now WS Packaging Group offers you this innovative technology embedded in your packaging to help you: 

Capture key consumer data
Accessing consumer data and insights in real time allows you to analyze sales lift, promotion effectiveness, and customer relationships.
Improve product authentication
Keeping your product your product is critical. Gain keen insights into supply chain applications, inventory management and more.
Grow your brand in the mobile market
The marketplace is changing at a record pace. With RFID, your brand can keep up with it.
Maintain your distribution systems
Reduce potential for product diversion and counterfeit products.

Watch video
Delight your customers with NFC
Near-Field Communications (NFC) is a fast, fun & simple method for delivering instant & dynamic content.
Think outside the box
Our RFID, NFC and sensor technology can be embedded in labels, cartons, under shrink and more. Ask us about the latest advancements.
Transform your business
Take advantage of our vast experience in RFID technology. It’s not your father’s radio. But it can transform your business.

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