Linerless Labels by WS Packaging GroupBreakthroughs in packaging mean breakthroughs in sales.

Linerless labels allow for 360° branding

Ravenwood linerless labels have proven highly successful in Europe over the last decade. Now available in the United States through WS Packaging. Significantly superior to conventional pressure-sensitive labels, Ravenwood linerless labels combine 360° branding with significant cost savings. 

Superior pressure-sensitive labels
Ravenwood linerless pressure-sensitive labels have a silicone release coating to prevent labels from adhering to those wound underneath.
Increase efficiencies
Improve the labeling of trays, clamshells, and skin packs for meat/protein, bakeries, ready-to-eat meals, fresh produce, twin-packs, and frozen pizza with up to 50 percent more labels per roll.
Reduce cost and reduce waste
Avoid costs by eliminating fees associated with liner disposal. Reduce packaging materials, warehouse space, and transportation costs for label storage.

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Ravenwood linerless labels features and benefits

Branding Exposure Multiple:
Top panel
Side Panels
Top panel only
Number of Label Applicator Actions 1 3+
Label Design/Imaging LIMITLESS Limited
Branding/Messaging Capability LIMITLESS Limited
Product Visibility EXCELLENT Inconsistent
Top Panel Aesthetics Simple single label application Cluttered
Operator Skills Minimal:
1 comprensive label
Multiple labels to be coordinated and threaded for application
Display Management NONE:
Product self displays
Customer Experience Excellent Inconsistent
Turn-Key Solution Yes Sometimes
Slideable Full Wrap Linerless Label Packaging Slideable Top Linerless Label Packaging by WS Packaging
Slideable Full Wrap Top

C-Wrap Linerless Label Packaging by WS Packaging

Full Wrap Linerless Label Packaging by WS Packaging
C-wrap Full Wrap

Top & Side Linerless Label Packaging by WS Packaging

Top & Two Sides Linerless Label Packaging by WS Packaging
Top & Side Top & Two Sides

Full Wrap Linerless Label Packaging by WS Packaging

Full Wrap Protruding Linerless Label Packaging by WS Packaging
Full wrap protruding 30mm-100mm above tray height
Ravenwood Linerless Label Packaging by WS Packaging

Three models. One great solution.

There are 2000 Ravenwood systems deployed worldwide, each making linerless labeling one of the biggest innovations in packaging today.

Yield High High High
Speed High Continous High
Top & Side
Top & 2 Sides
Full Wrap

Did you know?

WS Packaging Group is an authorized distributor of Ravenwood Linerless Label Applicators.

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