Pressure-sensitive labels by WS Packaging GroupYou only have seconds to impact consumers. Make the most of it.

Pressure sensitive labels that are eye-catching & vibrant

Quick brand recognition is the key to engaging consumers. Pressure-sensitive labels get the job done with their dynamic look and flexible applications. Outshining your brand competitors with innovation is a key to your success.

Wow! Talk about versatility
From glass to plastic, bottle to tube, refrigerator to freezer, our pressure-sensitive labels are designed to differentiate your brands in the eyes of consumers. From food and beverage to household and personal care, we have your products covered.
Bring your graphic vision to life
Choose from a virtually unlimited choice of substrates, including films, papers, metalized papers and holographic films. Then deploy a full arsenal of printing techniques like metallic inks, bronzing, embossing, hot and cold foil stamping and sub-surface printing.
Minimize change-over costs
With their ease of application and flexibility in shapes and sizes, pressure-sensitive labels can be applied with minimal changeover costs, thus reducing the costs of your various campaigns.
Make an impact in seconds
Seconds is all the time consumers will spend at the shelf deciding what to buy. When the pressure is on, their choice is practically made for them. Ask our experts about a solution that will work for you.
Capitalize on new trends
Make a greater impact with instantly-redeemable coupons. Attract more attention with on-product promotions. Bolster sales with Buy One Get One coupons (BOGOs), rebates and regional offers.
Data and Security
Take your data collection & security to the next level by cost-effectively implementing tamper-proof labels, item-level tracking and near-field communication labels.

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Pressure-Sensitive Film And Paper Offer Label Diversity

Brand managers, packaging designers and packaging engineers all want their product to standout at shelf. Find out how.

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