Inmold Labels by WS Packaging

In-mold labels are a low-cost label solution to your high-volume products

Can a “no label” look be sophisticated enough to stand out on the shelf? If it’s one of our In-mold labels (IML), the answers is a resounding YES. High-quality graphics are heat bonded right onto the bottle or container when it's molded. So you end up with an economical way to give a high-quality look to high-volume products.
Save downtime Save money
Virtually eliminate labeling issues at the filling line. There is no secondary labeling application since the bottle is blown and labeled at the same time. Now you can go to market – faster.
Be flexible and dynamic
Precise die cutting with custom dies and shapes give you all kinds of options. Plus, our In-mold labels work beautifully with lithographic or flexographic printing and both blow and injection molding.
Keep your brand story strong
Retain your brand look and feel with water-based or UV inks, as well as metallic options. In-mold labels will be as conformable as the containers they are on, so containers can be squeezed without damaging the application.
Improve productivity & visibility
All four sides of the container can be decorated with a single label during the molding process. No-wonder our In-mold labels are so in demand!
Stay well-protected
Applied properly, the label will not delaminate, loosen or crumble - ensuring your brand always looks its very best. In-mold labels are manufactured on film substrate rendering them essentially waterproof.
Ideal for high volumes
In-mold labels are ideal for large production runs and easy cut & stack finishing. Ask about our current production capacity. We have the space to help you succeed.

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