Why extended text labels?

The MultiVision® line of extended text labels offer the space you need for regulatory requirements, multiple languages, consumer education, health and safety warnings, and cross-branding opportunities—all in a more sustainable format. With more room, you can tell a more detailed and compelling brand story, deliver special offers and so much more.

Regulatory requirements
MultiVision® extended text labels allow brands to add drug-fact panels, ingredients, and usage information while reducing the need for additional packaging.
Pharmaceutical labeling
Pharmaceutical manufacturers are able to incorporate a leaflet, insert, and label into a sealed booklet to ensure verification reducing packaging components and increasing application line speeds.
Multiple languages
Incorporate multiple languages into a single label eliminating the need for multiple label SKUs and additional packaging inventory. The ability to have one label streamlines product distribution.

Health & safety warnings
Extended text labels provide the additional space needed to meet the requirements for consumer health and safety. Extended text labels also allow usage information to remain attached for the life of the product.
Sustainable packaging demands
Sustainable packaging designs increase the impact of materials, use of space, and type of materials and maximize the use of renewable and recycled materials.
Proprietary technology in MultiVision® extended text labels minimizes counterfeiting attempts. Incorporating packaging that is difficult to duplicate helps ensure the authenticity of the brand.

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The MultiVision® line includes:


FlexVision™ Extended Text Labels by WS Packaging

Patented FlexVision labels are the only extended text labels for plastic tubes and flexible surfaces with a diameter of 1-3/8" and larger. These waterproof resealable labels enable brand owners to replace direct decoration silkscreen graphics with high-quality process printing.

Naturopathica case study


EasyTab® Extended Text Labels by WS Packaging

EasyTab® labels feature a consumer-friendly easy-open tab that re-closes for a minimum of two years. The construction can be precurved to the package and contains up to nine single sheets or 18 pages of copy space above the base label. EasyTab® labels can be auto-applied using standard equipment.

Kenra case study


FlexWrap™ Extended Text Labels by WS Packaging

Patent-pending, moisture-resistant FlexWrap is designed for diameters smaller than 1-3/8". Perfect for plastic tubes, lip balm barrels, or tight diameters down to a minimum of 3/8".

Murad case study

FlexVision™ is a registered patent of WS Packaging Group, Inc.; Patent US 6,752,431. EasyTab® is a registered trademark of WS Packaging Group, Inc.; Patents US 6,413,604, US 6,858,108, US 6,749,916, and US 8,273,434. FlexWrap® is a registered patent of WS Packaging Group, Inc.; Patent US 7,875,142.


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