Primara Print and Apply Label ApplicatorPrimara is the industry leader in "next label out" printer applicators.

Print and apply label applicator

Primara 750 Print-and-Apply Label Applicator provides high productivity for products of varying sizes such as roll-on, tamp, tamp/blow, front/back, wrap and end-of-line functionality. WS Packaging engineers and designers understand your products, your application needs, and this machine. Best of all, these machines are available to you quickly. 


Reliable. Easy maintenance. Long life.

Robust and proven
Our printer applicators are extremely robust and have a proven track record in 24/7/365 manufacturing environments.
We can employ almost any print engine (Honeywell/DataMax, Sato, Zebra and others) depending on your preference.
Tailored to your needs
We utilize various application methods tailored to your need (tamp, tamp blow, rotary tamp and wipe on).
Enterprise systems integration
Our machines easily communicate with enterprise systems and integrate well with inventory control and manufacturing data capture processes.
Application redundancy
We offer systems that provide application redundancy and can verify and read the bar code that has been applied.
We welcome unique application needs
We have proven success with very unique application requirements.

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Key features & benefits

  • Highly versatile and capable of applying multiple label types to the top, side, bottom, and corner of various-shaped products, including pallets.
  • The most durable labeling head on the market. A thick base plate, oversized shafts, and sealed bearings are engineered for long life.
  • Full-size electric box with Allen Bradley controls and MicroLogix™ programmable logic control ensures reliability, easy access, and user-friendly operation.
  • All-electric or pneumatic actuators allow matching the system to your specific operation.
  • 12-inch outside diameter unwind reduces roll changes, thereby maximizing up-time.
  • Smart Tamp sensor system regulates application pressure sensitivity, thereby allowing for a broader range of labeling options.
  • Low roll level/broken web detection sensors help maximize productivity.
  • Application rates up to 12-inches per second in widths up to 6-inches across the web deliver high productivity.
  • Control components are commercially available, which helps reduce downtime.

Frequently asked questions about Primara

What is the lead time?
Two weeks if configured as a standard unit, with longer lead times based on upgrades and the level of customization and features ordered.

What are considered wear parts?
The print head, rollers and belts. We also suggest holding a spare print engine in stock to ensure maximum uptime.

Are thermal transfer ribbons and labels tested for compatibility?
Yes. All the ribbons and labels we provide are designed and tested for compatibility. We stock common sizes, as well as blank thermal transfer labels for fast shipment.

Can RFID applications be accomplished with the Primara 750?

Is an external PC required?

What are the environmental limitations of the machine?
40° F to 104° F with 15% to 95% non-condensing RH.

Will it handle fan-folded labels?
Yes. It is important to design fan-fold perforations that are strong enough to pull through the rollers and set up correctly for size.


Download Primara 750 Print-and-Apply Label Applicator specification sheet


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