Spectra LandingHERMA systems are robust, reliable and provide a great value.

Among the most versatile labelling systems available 

Herma H200 SmallThe HERMA 400 Pressure-Sensitive Labeler is a compact and fully automatic unit that delivers broad application versatility for prime and case labeling. The modular configuration easily integrates into any production line, or can be built into a labeling machine and customized to meet specific production requirements.

Innovation you can count on

HERMA has extensive R&D in Germany and is constantly coming out with innovations such as Blue Tooth control communication.

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Three different price points or value levels depending on the application requirements.
Lease packages available
Particularly well adapted to promotional and game applications. Lease packages and promo tie-ins are available.
Our modularity will provide reduced lead times and the best value for even the most complicated systems.

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Key features and benefits

  • Whatever the configuration, the servo drive unit remains the same, which helps minimize downtime.
  • Control system is integrated into the applicator. No separate control unit is required, which streamlines operation.
  • Automatic synchronization of labeling and product speeds, via an encoder, ensures accurate label placement.
  • Specialized synchronization programming allows speeds of 15,000+ inches per minute.
  • Logical operating display panel makes it easy and convenient to adjust the production parameters.
  • Special unwind unit delivers consistent web tension that helps avoid tolerance problems at the dispensing beak.
  • Available in left- and right-hand versions for upright, horizontal, or suspended operation.
  • Works with the most popular coders/printers, ensuring broad application integration.
  • Engineered for easy expansion and adaptability, for long-term production.

Frequently asked questions about the HERMA 400

How are the high application speeds achieved? 
Powered unwinds and rewinds combined with a loop box enable highly accurate application speeds.

Can this unit perform well in demanding environments?
Yes. This unit is designed for use in very moist environments and is sealed to protect against moisture and airborne contaminants.

Can the HERMA 400 be upgraded to a print-and-apply labeling unit?
Yes, thermal transfer, ink jet and hot-stamp upgrades are available. Application speeds may vary depending on the configuration..

Can the HERMA 400 be customized?
Yes. The unit is extremely adaptable, and the modular design allows for options and variations that can be added to the basic configuration.

What types of label constructions can be applied?
The unit works with a broad range of label and adhesive combinations including coupons, MultiVision® extended text labels, and secondary labels.


  • Dimensions: height: 48 inches; length: 24 inches; width 36 inches 
  • Standard Label Dimensions: maximum width: 12 inches; minimum width: 1/2 inch; minimum label length: 3/8 inch
  • Label Packaging: 16-inch outside diameter standard on 3-inch inside diameter; Other core sizes available; Up to 20-inch OD optional
  • Label Dispense Accuracy: Up to +/- 1/32 inch
  • Dispensing Speed: 1,500 to 7,200 inches of web per minute, depending on model, with higher speeds possible with power options for unwinds, rewinds, and loop boxes 
  • Electrical: Wide range of power output is available: 100V AC-240V AC +/- 10%; 50 Hz-60 Hz


  • Comprehensive range of available modules, including stand, label sensors, and printing and embossing ensures a perfect fit to meet the exact needs of the application.
  • Dispensing: rigid and pivot beak application rollers
  • Detecting: optical electric sensing units offered in a non-contact system that quickly adapts to various light-transmitting properties.
  • Printing: hot-foil and thermal transfer printing systems.
  • Mounting: mounting stand can be easily adjusted in all planes for top, side, or bottom labeling. 
  • Blow-on label application

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