Over the Counter Packaging and LabelsQuality and verification standards ensure precision and accuracy.

Label solutions for over-the-counter products

When confronting complicated details like ever-changing regulations and challenging security considerations, it’s critical that your brand meets these standards along with a powerful presence that cannot be ignored. We have quality systems and verification standards in place to ensure precision and accuracy, every step along the way. Accountability is the bottom line.

Our capabilities are your competitive advantage

From simple single color labels to eye-catching multi-color designs, let our award-winning printing and packaging capabilities give your brands the attention you are looking for. Our extensive capabilities in state-of-the-art flexographic, screen, digital, and offset printing create results that maximize your brand’s visual impact. With manufacturing locations across the U.S. and Mexico, we have a shipping location near you.


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Product Variation LabelingProduct variation

Maintain brand consistency across multiple SKUs and multiple package designs. We can create a family look while maintaining separation between different varieties of your brand.

Pressure Sensitive Paper LabelsPressure-sensitive paper labels

A versatile, economical choice for those who need to quickly change production lines from one SKU to another and need to reduce their total applied cost. 

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Pressure sensitive film labelsPressure sensitive film labels

Achieve a dynamic look with bright, sharp images on pressure-sensitive film labels. This economical option holds up to harsh environments and does not allow migration of inks.

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Metallized Ink LabelMetallized inks

Create a wide spectrum of effects by using a combination of transparent and opaque inks printed on an unlimited variety of patterned prismatic/metallic papers. 

Flexible tube labelFlexible tube labels

Project strong brand presence with smooth labels that don’t wrinkle, buckle, or pucker on tubes and do not interfere with the sealing process.

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Clear Film LabelClear film labels

Create a sophisticated “no label” look that enhances shelf appeal by allowing your product or container to shine through.

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Extended Text Label


The MultiVision® line of extended text labels offer the space you need for regulatory requirements, multiple languages, consumer education, health and safety warnings, and cross-branding opportunities—all in a more sustainable format.

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Sustainable Packaging Solutions Sustainable Leaf

By minimizing the amount of material you need to package products, and often eliminating excess packaging components, we offer sustainable packaging options that help you reduce environmental impact while maintaining effectiveness and brand presence. We adhere to responsible environmental practices at all our manufacturing facilities. Our efforts to reduce our environmental impact have been honored by third-party organizations.


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