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We offer solutions that enhance product performance, meet stringent regulatory requirements, and simplify coding and tracking for streamlined record keeping and cost savings. With complicated details like ever-changing regulations and challenging security considerations, it’s critical that your packaging and label products improve product security and safety, simplify use, and optimize the dynamic between medical devices and the individuals and healthcare systems that use them.

Label resources where and when you need them

Our combination of extensive, state-of-the-art printing capabilities and FDA Class III medical white room facility enables us to provide effective solutions that optimize your products’ performance. With printing and packaging facilities across the U.S. and in Mexico, our resources are ready when you need them.


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Sterile folder holders

Sterile die-cut sleeves safely protect a catheter or stent system from being kinked or bent, for ease of use and convenience. Separately packed holders provide concise product inventory control.

Specialty Materials

Easy-to-use packaging features a tear-resistant material with a thermal-print receptive top coating for product identification. This eliminates the need for over labeling and eliminates the chance of errors.

Stent, Cord, and Catheter Labels

Self-sealing label wraps around the product and attaches to itself, creating a tag. Low-light ID labels are also available on phosphorescent film for low-light environments, to help prevent errors and minimize waste.

Thermal-imprinted labels

Pre-printed with all the necessary product information, these labels provide areas for thermal printing of variable information, including batch codes and dates.

Multi-function labels

Patient peel-off labels, labels with multiple inner die cut constructions, and other multi-use labels offer one label that fulfills many functions.Labels remove easily from original packaging for in-use application on related medical devices.

Directions for Use (DFUs)

We facilitate inclusion of DFUs with medical devices for compliance with regulatory requirements. Map-folding allows complicated product information to be enclosed in a small, easy-to-apply package.

Extended Text Label


The MultiVision® line of extended text labels offer the space you need for regulatory requirements, multiple languages, consumer education, health and safety warnings, and cross-branding opportunities—all in a more sustainable format.

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Sustainable Packaging Solutions Sustainable Leaf

By minimizing the amount of material you need to package products, and often eliminating excess packaging components, we offer sustainable packaging options that help you reduce environmental impact while maintaining effectiveness and brand presence. We adhere to responsible environmental practices at all our manufacturing facilities. Our efforts to reduce our environmental impact have been honored by third-party organizations.


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