The Expanded Color Gamut Difference

Less than 65% of Pantone colors are achievable with 4-color process printing

Expanded Gamut Colors

More than 85% of Pantone color matching and brand enhancements are possible with Expanded Color Gamut Printing

Expanded Gamut Colors

Propel the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

WS Packaging Group offers Expanded Color Gamut technology for all your brand marketing needs. Artistic and creative design has never been easier to replicate in print. This unprecedented technology allows designers to work with confidence that spot colors will match, process colors will be rich, and additional print stations may be available for special effect inks, foils, and finishes. Rich Pantone colors and creative enhancements may be used more than ever before to elevate the visual impact of all your product packaging and brand marketing needs.

With our expanded gamut innovation, you have the advantage of maintaining graphic integrity across multiple product lines and color consistency across your brand marketing channels. Your team will benefit from accurate, fast, and reliable proofing while your brand reaches new dimensions in color with WS Packaging's Expanded Color Gamut.

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