Innovative Engineering by WS Packaging Group

Creative thinking is in our DNA

We’re well-known for our packaging but most respected for our creative thinking. It’s one of our core values. It’s how we view every project. And it’s one of the main reasons why we’re one of the most successful packaging companies on the planet. Whatever your latest challenge may be, we have the technology, tools, experience and curiosity to help you bring your brand to life - big-time. How? We never stop innovating…

What can we do for you?

Steve Jobs said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” For your brand to become a brand leader, may we recommend you work with the leader in packaging innovation? When it comes to bringing your brand to life, we are always ready to listen. Send us your challenge. Or your opportunity.

Knowing what’s new to benefit you.

To stand apart on the shelf today, you need to combine print innovation with the digital revolution. WS Packaging is leading the way in digital engagement with watermarks, RFID and NFC tags that are reshaping the brand experience for marketers and consumers alike. Looking for a customized solution that attracts and engages like never before? You just found it.

Breadth of experience

From pharmaceutical to fresh produce; from toothpaste to tanning solutions; from alcohol to automotive and from cannabis to coffee, we are constantly re-engineering to bring all kinds of brands to life. And yes, we really do print 45+ billion labels annually. If you’d like to increase brand loyalty, team up with the folks who make it happen every day.

Game on

Zipper perforated. Peel & Reveal. Scratch Offs. Variable Data.
Innovative games, sweepstakes, and contests are transforming the brand landscape, led by WS Promotions. We’re also known for our precise security measures, full chain of custody verification and tamper-resistant technology. No wonder we are one of the world’s leading producers of game pieces.

Team up with innovation

You have your own specific requirements to be addressed and our packaging experts love a good challenge. Let’s team up and find the best way to bring your brands to life. We can even simplify your ability to source and manage multiple projects. Collaborating with our clients breeds success. With over 7,500 customers and nearly 100 product groups, we know the possibilities are endless.

Options and more options

Having a wide range of print capabilities that span sheet fed offset, roll to roll offset, digital electro photography, digital ink jet (WB & UV), and flexography provides a wide range of manufacturing options for you. This coupled with our broad industry expertise provides our engineers with the comprehensive ability to find possible solutions. Including, of course, yours.

Fresh ideas that work

Looking to refresh or create a package or label that’s as unique and noteworthy as your product? We thrive on discovery – and we are known for finding options that work. DesignMax™ is our value-added service that reviews your existing packages and delivers innovative solutions in construction, cost-effective market testing, and eye-catching design options. It’s a fresh idea that works harder for you.


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