Zoots | Case Study by WS Packaging Group

Zoots Packaging helps define a new product in the new cannabis marketplace.


Zoots NewHelp a new brand capture market share and overcome stereotypes in the legal marijuana market. Seattle-based Db3 Corporation is a new company getting established in the expanding marijuana market. Its brand of cannabis-infused products is called Zoots (www.zootology.com).

Beyond understanding the legal aspects and the regulatory environment, the rush to get product on the shelf at retail is one of several challenges. Db3 approached the market strategically. They wanted to position the Zoots brand in a way that best supports the new reality that marijuana is a legitimate business enterprise and can appeal to a wider target audience.

While product quality is vital to securing ongoing business, the packaging plays a key role in getting the products noticed at shelf, driving purchase intent, and differentiating the Zoots brand from competitors.

The Zoots products are currently available at recreational marijuana stores throughtout Washington State. The product line includes ZootBites, premium cannabis-infused brownies; ZootBlast energy shots, which contain THC blended with caffeine; ZootDrops liquid concentrates, available in a high-energy blend and a relaxation blend; and ZootRocks Chili Cinnamon and Lemongrass hard-candy-like nuggets.

Most consumers are not familiar with brands in the recreational marijuana market when they walk into a marijuana retail store for the first time. Db3 wants that introduction to be exciting and playful, because this is an intoxicant and most people are buying these products for recreational purposes. That said, they also want to inspire confidence the brand can deliver an experience that is safe and reliable.



The package design for each Zoots product is distinct and stands on its own. There are common graphics cues that help bring the products together under the Zoots brand umbrella.

The different packaging formats require strong control across multiple printing platforms to ensure overall consistancy of the brand graphics.

The graphics also needed to easily present the Zoots brand from a distance of six to 10 feet because in Washington State, all marijuana products are sold from behind a counter or inside a locked case. In addition, most stores use slat walls or shelves behind a counter to display marijuana products. Db3 needed to be seen from a distance and to standout from competitors.

In the first few months the Zoots products were in the market, Db3 frequently heard from customers that the packaging is what attracted them to Zoots in the first place. That they initially chose a Zoots product over others was because the packaging made them feel more confident the brand would deliver a safe, reliable experience.

Db3’s retail partners frequently comment how they like to display Zoots products front and center because the packaging conveys the same messages the stores want to express. They want a significant level of trust relative to product safety and consistency. And they want to present it in a way that is consumer-friendly in a format that both attracts the consumer and clearly informs them about how to safely use the product. It helps to normalize the industry, and they appreciate that.

Db3 is optimistic the demand for marijuana and marijuana-infused products will explode in the next few years. But it won’t be in a form that conjures up images of the stoner past. While that segment will continue to have relevance, it’s the broader market that will be focused on low-dose consumption, with relaxation and socialization as a primary goal of use.

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