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FlexWrap™ helps manufacturers meet regulatory labeling requirements, even on small packages. 


Resealable Extended-Text Labelss The package is the label: Patent-pending FlexWrap™ labels offer maximum printable label space using minimal packagingStringent FDA regulations require manufacturers to provide extensive information on packaging, often including drug facts panels and long listings of ingredients. In order to comply, manufacturers frequently package small tubes, bottles, and jars in paperboard cartons.

Faced with an opportunity for a retail point-of-sale promotion at Sephora, Murad wanted to offer half-ounce, trial sized products without the cartons. Small tubes, while better designed for impulse purchases than a carton, offered limited surface area for including the required information for regulatory compliance.


WS Packaging Group's FlexWrap product, part of the MultiVision® label line, provided the perfect solution for Murad. Its durable, multiple-ply construction can be designed for diameters as small as 3/8" while still providing the printable area necessary for regulatory compliance, without the need for additional packaging. This allowed the label to become the package itself, making it an easy item to place in limited space areas at the Sephora checkout counters.

The FlexWrap labels can be opened and closed numerous times without compromising their integrity and have a shelf life of at least two years. The label materials used are fully conformable with the cylindrical squeezable tubes, and the inks and varnishes used are compatible with the product inside.


An innovative label that provides the printing space for consumer education and regulatory compliance, the durability for retail presence and consumer use, and the brand integrity for optimal point-of-purchase appeal.

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