Lexus| Case Study by WS Packaging Group

NFC/RFID label enhances consumer engagement and confidence, and brand loyalty


Lexus CsLexus wanted to create a personal consumer experience to promote its 2013 and newer Lexus vehicles equipped with a 12.3-inch high-resolution multimedia display. Using a compatible smartphone, the driver can access his or her favorite mobile applications while in the vehicle.

The goal was to leverage the increasing consumer acceptance and use of smartphones. The experience had to be instantaneous, without the need of a special app. The easier it is for consumers to capture information, the more likely they are to use it in making a purchase decision, so the consumer engagement needed to be literally just touch and go. The engagement was made all the more challenging by the fact print advertising was to be a key tactic for initially interacting with consumers.


Lexus decided to integrate an NFC RFID-enabled label into a single-leaf advertising insert that was bound into the April 2012 edition of Wired magazine. To execute the insert the automaker turned to QuadGraphics, the leading global provider of print and multichannel solutions for consumer magazines, special interest publications, catalogs, retail inserts/circulars, direct mail, books, directories, commercial products and specialty products. QuadGraphics then turned to WS Packaging Group for the NFC RFID label component.

Over 500,000 NFC-enabled inserts were delivered to Wired subscribers. At the time, this was the largest campaign of this type in history. Testing and verification of the NFC RFID labels by WS Packaging ensured all the labels used and issued to subscribers were 100 percent active.

Wired readers simply had to place their device over the tag to launch the Cloud-hosted content. With no app needed, the device immediately plays the intro video on the Lexus console experience. Then, readers can continue to interact with the console as if sitting inside the new vehicle. For this ad, it was the Lexus GS. Key advantages of this NFC-based consumer engagement included the opportunity to capture a direct response from Wired readers, and positioned Lexus as a technology leader and innovator.

Merchandising and promotion are effective ways to educate and promote brands. Finding effective ways to reach the technology-rich consumer is a vital strategy. Deploying an NFC-active label was an effective way to leverage the growing impact of smartphone adoption to increase consumer brand interaction.

According to JiWire Mobile Insights, Report Q3 2012, 85 percent of consumers use their smartphone while shopping in-store. The top-three consumer activities include, comparison shopping, searching for product reviews, and searching for coupons. Integrating emerging technologies with packaging is an effective way to enhance consumer confidence and brand preference.

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