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Extended-text labels help beauty brand capture new customers


KenraOver-the-counter cosmetics and drug products that claim an active ingredient have to comply with regulatory requirements. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Federal Trade Commission, Health Canada, and the 7th Amendment to the European Union Cosmetics Directive are just a few of the entities that require consumer labeling law compliance, which must be maintained regardless of the size of the product.

Kenra wanted to create a 2-ounce sample/travel-size container of its Kenra Platinum Hot Spray. The packaging is an exact miniature of the full-size offering, which recently went to market with a new high-end luxury look. The 2-ounce package is a single SKU available at shelf next to the full-size offering. The labeling had to have multi-language content appropriate for the U.S. and EU markets. The 2-ounce package had to be presented at shelf without a folding carton, to match the original branding.


To meet the regulatory requirements, the need for multiple languages, and give the brand the opportunity to build additional brand loyalty, Kenra turned to WS Packaging Group and its MultiVision® line of extended-text labels.

The Kenra Platinum Hot Spray label is an EasyTab® label, which has a patented construction that is pre-curved for tight-diameter surfaces, and features a top panel that opens and reseals for a minimum of two years. The five-page pressure-sensitive label features two colors, black and silver, as well as a high-gloss over-laminate. The base material is a 2.6 mil white top-coated film with two sheets of C2S paper and a 1.2 mil clear polyester laminate.

Even containers like lip-balm barrels, or tubes as small as .33 ounces, can be labeled with extended-text labels that meet compliance requirements. Extended-text labels combine graphical cues of the prime label with expanded real estate that allows for telling a more detailed story, as well as usage information that stays attached for the life of the product.

Small or full-size, brand owners must comply with labeling regulations. Extended-text labels enable brands to meet their labeling requirements regardless of the container size. This creates a tremendous opportunity for brand owners to easily expand into new geographic markets with trialing or small packages that make it easy for on-the-go consumers to engage their favorite brands.

The EasyTab® extended-text label gave Kenra a labeling solution that enabled it to further build its brand with sample/travel-size packaging that mirrored the full-size product. The opportunity to cost-effectively meet labeling requirements for active ingredients, and bridge language barriers in multiple markets using a single SKU with an attractive labeling solution is a packaging solution any brand manager would like to leverage.

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