Aquafresh Toothbrushes | Case Study by WS Packaging Group

On-Pack coupon opens door of opportunity for small package


On-Pack coupon for small packageGlaxoSmithKline's Consumer Health Care business wanted to label their Aquafresh® Gel-Flex and Deep Action toothbrushes with an instant redeemable coupon (IRC) to attract new users and encourage brand switching to Aquafresh.

Because the brush is merchandised in a tall, thin blister-pack, GSK wanted to apply a wraparound IRC label to the hangable package to promote product attributes and offer an in-store savings of $1.00. The coupon could not cover up any existing copy on the front or back and needed to remove cleanly.

In preliminary trials, the contoured shape of the package caused the IRC to wrinkle, regardless of the shape or size of the coupon tested.


Extended text label for small packagingTo meet the regulatory requirements, the need for multiple languages, and give the brand the opportunity to build additional brand loyalty, Kenra turned to WS Packaging Group and its MultiVision® line of extended-text labels.

WS Packaging designed an over-laminated text sheet with clear pressure sensitive perforated wings that allowed the IRC to adhere to the back of the package instead of the blister-pack. The coupon portion easily removes at the perforations. This solution kept the coupon wrinkle-free and adhesive-free, while the clear adhesive wings remained on the back of the package without covering any copy.

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