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Bird Dog Bourbon


What you put on your bottle needs to represent what is in the bottle!

The labels for this series of Bird Dog aged bourbons by Three Springs Bottling Company challenged us at WS Packaging Group on many levels. Our attention to multiple print...

Winning as a Team; Is There Anything Sweeter?

Royal Nonesuch

Teamwork, partnership, and collaboration are all terms we often hear in the business world. Winning first place in the 2018 TLMI Label Awards for Rey Wines’ Royal Nonesuch Farm 2015 York Mountain Wine label in the Offset - Wine & Spirits -...

Wax Ribbons


The wax ribbon debate continues as the industry battles the influx of cheap, black wax ribbons from outside the U.S.

What does WS Packaging Group offer to compete with these “invaders”?

We offer a choice of either a “premium” black wax or a “...

DesignMax™: Discover your Brand’s Potential

DesignMax Blog Photo

Have you heard about our unique DesignMax service? DesignMax is a comprehensive packaging/brand design service, created to update and advance branding, graphics, and packaging execution and provide comprehensive mockups and 3D renderings to...

WS Packaging Case Study: Extended-text label helps beauty brand capture new customers

Brand owners want to make their products available to a broader base of consumers by deploying smaller packaging sizes that conveniently allow away-from-home use. But it's a challenge when those products have an active ingredient that requires drug-facts content on the label. The brand owner's primary goal is to maintain the impression of the product held by the consumer. Many times they do not know how to take their products to market and still comply with labeling regulations.