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  1. WS Packaging Group Names New CEO

    By WS Packaging | March 24, 2015

    WS Packaging Group, Inc. has appointed Charlie Eitel as its new chief executive officer effective April 1, 2015.

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  1. WS Packaging Group Introduces Ravenwood Linerless Labeling System

    By WS Packaging | March 19, 2015

    Pressure-sensitive labels and application equipment improves the labeling of trays, clamshells, and skin packs for meat/protein, bakeries, ready-to-eat meals, fresh produce, multipacks and carrying applications, and frozen pizza.

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  2. WS Packaging Group Names New CFO

    By WS Packaging | April 29, 2014

    WS Packaging Group, Inc. announced today the hiring of Jeff Hayenga as its new chief financial officer.

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  3. WS Packaging Group Names New CEO (Archive)

    By WS Packaging | March 25, 2014

    Fred C. Tinsey Named CEO of Green Bay, WI Printing and Packaging Printer/Converter

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  4. WS Packaging Group to Expand Knoxville, Tenn., Operations

    By WS Packaging | February 6, 2014

    Will consolidate five buildings to a new facility and expand employment base

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  5. Extended-text label serves up Slime in seven languages

    By Anne Marie Mohan | January 16, 2014

    Tire sealant producer moves from a crowded label and instructions insert to an extended-text label with seven languages to successfully market its Slime brand to an international audience.

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  6. WS Packaging Group Expands Digital Printing Capabilities

    By WS Packaging | December 4, 2013

    HP Indigo WS6600 presses to increase range of customer applications

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  7. WS Packaging Group Unveils New Product Group Solutions as Part of Branding Initiative

    By WS Packaging | October 23, 2013

    WS Packaging Group, Inc. has realigned its product offerings into four new groups to more effectively communicate its focus on the full range of innovative packaging and branding solutions it offers to the market.

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  8. WS Packaging Group Introduces New Lineup of Label Application Equipment

    By WS Packaging | July 26, 2013

    WS Packaging Group, Inc. has introduced a new portfolio of standard and custom label application machines.

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  9. WS Packaging Group Makes Strides with IMPACT

    By Sue Busch | July 23, 2013

    WS Packaging's IMPACT™ Business System is grounded in a lean manufacturing mindset that drives all operational decision-making.

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  10. WS Packaging Group Earns ISO 9001:2008 Certification for 14 Facilities

    By WS Packaging | June 11, 2013

    WS Packaging Group, Inc. recently earned ISO 9001:2008 certification at 14 labeling and packaging facilities.

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  11. Finding the Connection Between Brands and Consumers

    By Laura Zielinski | February 1, 2013

    Using NFC technology brands can better engage and understand their consumers. One of the trickiest parts of our jobs is connecting with consumers. We aren’t always sure of what they want, so we frantically throw something at them and cross our fingers for the best.

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  12. WS Packaging Group Earns TLMI “Label Initiative for the Environment” Certification

    By WS Packaging | January 25, 2013

    The WS Packaging Group Mason facility has been recognized for leading sustainability practices in the narrow-web industry.

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  13. WS Packaging Group Acquires Label World

    By WS Packaging | January 4, 2013

    The acquisition expands label and flexible packaging product portfolio.

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  14. Fit and Lean

    By Package Print Worldwide | November 1, 2012

    WS Packaging Group is driving profitability and capturing new business under the leadership of experienced out-of-industry Lean experts.

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  15. WS Packaging Group Acquires Business Graphics Printing Inc.

    By WS Packaging | September 26, 2012

    The purchase expands offset portfolio with instructional booklets and inserts.

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  16. WS Packaging Group to Speak on RFID Technology for Enforcing Brand Protection, Product Growth and Anti-counterfeiting Strategies

    By WS Packaging | August 28, 2012

    Case study presentation will profile how New Sunshine used RFID to stop product diversion.

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  17. WS Packaging Group Expands Product Portfolio To Include Flexible Packaging

    By WS Packaging | July 25, 2012

    WS Packaging Group, Inc. has added flexible packaging to its broad portfolio of packaging products.

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  18. WS Packaging Group to Acquire Boelter Industries Inc.

    By WS Packaging | July 3, 2012

    Purchase will expand folding carton product portfolio.

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  19. WS Packaging Group to Acquire Consolidated Products Inc.

    By WS Packaging | June 4, 2012

    WS Packaging Group, Inc. has acquired Consolidated Products Inc., a label converting company located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The purchase will add capabilities to the WS Packaging product portfolio.

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  20. WS Packaging Group Partners with KJ International to Provide Language Translation Services

    By WS Packaging | May 24, 2012

    Partnership to help brands better connect with ethnically diverse consumer base

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  21. WS Packaging Group Earns TLMI "Label Initiative for the Environment" Certification

    By WS Packaging | April 19, 2012

    Fullerton facility recognized for leading sustainability practices in the narrow-web industry

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  22. WS Packaging Group Jefferson Street Receives Green Tier Certification

    By Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources | March 29, 2012

    WS Packaging Group Jefferson Street has received Green Tier certification from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

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  23. WS Packaging Group's Ken Kidd Honored As TLMI Converter of the Year

    By package Printing | October 21, 2011

    Ken Kidd, recently retired CEO of WS Packaging Inc., has been selected as the 2011 TLMI Converter of the Year. This honor caps off a career of more than 45 years in the tag and label industry. The award was presented at the TLMI Annual Meeting held in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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  24. WS Packaging Group Enters Strategic Partnership with Italian Manufacturer of High-Speed Rotary Self-Adhesive Labelers

    By WS Packaging | March 28, 2011

    WS Packaging Group, Inc., has partnered with ILTI S.r.l. (Italian Labelling Technology Industry) of Mantova, Italy, to expand its Automated Systems Division (ASD) portfolio to include a series of rotary labelers designed for pressure-sensitive label applications in the food, beverage, automotive, wine and spirits, pharmaceutical, and home and personal care markets. WS Packaging has acquired the exclusive distribution rights of the high-speed rotary equipment within the United States and Mexico.

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  25. WS Packaging Group Earns TLMI

    By WS Packaging | February 4, 2011

    Algoma facility recognized for leading sustainability practices in the narrow-web industry

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  26. Distinctive Label Lends Personality to Wisconsin Bistro's Sauce

    By Jim George, Marketing & Design Editor | November 19, 2010

    Digital, pressure-sensitive labels help establish Carmella's as a private-label sauce.

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  27. A Legacy in Labels

    By FLEXO Magazine | September 1, 2010

    Fulwiler receives lifetime achievement award.

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  28. WS Packaging Group Names New CEO

    By WS Packaging | August 19, 2010

    Terry Fulwiler retires after serving as chief executive officer for nearly 25 years. WS Packaging Group, Inc. announced today it has named Rex E. Lane as its new CEO. Lane will continue to drive company innovations in industry technology with an increasing focus on total business lean initiatives aimed at improving profitability, quality, service, and overall cost-effectiveness in order to stay competitive in all aspects of the business.

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  29. Winner of the Coveted Lifetime Award Announced

    By WS Packaging | July 15, 2010

    A panel of label industry experts has reviewed the votes for the 2010 Label Industry Global Awards and is pleased to announce the winner of the prestigious R. Stanton Avery Lifetime Achievement Award is Terry Fulwiler, CEO of WS Packaging Group, Inc.

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  30. Packaging for New Blue Diamond Product Builds on Brand Equity

    By Anne Marie Mohan | March 20, 2010

    New package leveraging Blue Diamond's reputation for quality tree nut products relies on a technically challenging label for shelf presence.

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  31. WS Packaging Introduces Dual-Function Label Applicator for Round Containers and Cases

    By | March 16, 2010

    WS Packaging Group - Automated Systems has developed the ASD-100-Spin-Case dual-function label applicator, a combination bottle and case labeling system designed to do the work of two label machines, eliminating the need and extra-cost of an additional machine entirely.

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  32. WS Packaging Group Awarded Patent for FlexWrap™ Extended Text Label

    By WS Packaging | February 19, 2010

    The U.S. Patent Office has awarded a patent to WS Packaging Group, Inc. for its FlexWrap™ extended text label, which is part of its MultiVision® line of extended text labels.

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  33. Laser-Writable Coating

    By Healthcare Packaging | December 8, 2009

    CodeStream aqueous coating is used for writing variable data for UPC bar codes, lot and batch numbers, expiration dates, data-matrix codes, 2D codes, e-pedigree, logo brands, etc.

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  34. WS Packaging Group Introduces Laser-Writable Coating for Marking Variable Data On Labels and Packaging

    By WS Packaging | December 7, 2009

    WS Packaging Group, Inc. has introduced a laser marking and coding process more reliable, economical, and sustainable than other technologies used for writing variable data for UPC barcodes, lot and batch numbers, expiration dates, data matrix codes, 2D codes, e-pedigree, and logo brands, among others.

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  35. Dairy Labelers Tackle the Tough Turf

    By Lauren R. Hartman, Senior Editor, Packaging Digest | December 1, 2009

    A dairy can be a tough place for a label applicator. Thanks to side panel/wrap labelers in place at Cloverland Farms' COLD, WET MILK BOTTLING environment, that's no longer a problem.

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  36. Winery Enhances Over-Labeling Efficiencies

    By Judy Rice | July 22, 2009

    Automated print/apply system saves time and labor costs, while increasing label placement accuracy.

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  37. Prismatic Labels for Spring Again Gleam While Educating Sanitary-Minded Shoppers

    By Package Design Magazine | July 1, 2009

    "We looked at the original label and there were five Pantone colors on the back panel," says Chris Doerr, sales manager with WS. "Our basic question was: 'Why?' The back label is instructional. So, we recommended a switch to two colors, which allowed us to invest more in the front label."

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  38. WS Packaging named 'Business Friend of the Environment'

    By Anne Marie Mohan | May 20, 2009

    WS Packaging Group, Inc. has won the "Business Friend of the Environment Award" for environmental innovation by the Wisconsin Environmental Working Group, an affiliate of Wisconsin Manufacturers and & Commerce.

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  39. Label System

    By Packaging World Magazine | April 8, 2009

    The Genesis 7500 Wash-Down Series print-and-apply labeling system, from WS Packaging Group, features an all-stainless steel cabinet that encloses key components to protect them from harsh environments like high-moisture wash-down conditions and dust-prone operations.

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  40. Winery Uses Extended-text Labels to Tell Its Story

    By Lauren R. Hartman, Senior Editor | April 1, 2009

    MULTI-Panel bottle labels include recipes and the story of Cline Cellars, a Sonoma, CA winery, which switched from printed store-shelf tearaways for bottles of Zinfandel. The labels are designed for tight-diameter surfaces and avoid edge lift and wrinkling when applied.

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  41. A headache for Anacin? Hardly

    By Brand Packaging | March 13, 2009

    Insight settled on an extended-text label as the best solution and selected the EasyTab label from WS Packaging Group’s MultiVision line. The label features a pre-curve in the top panel that makes it possible to wrap around tight-diameter surfaces, critical because of the amount of information the new label would carry.

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  42. WS Packaging Group to Expand Plant in Franklin, Penn.

    By WS Packaging | February 17, 2009

    WS Packaging Group, Inc. has announced it is expanding operations at its Franklin, Pennsylvania facility (formerly known as SenecaSalem). The expansion includes moving production from WS Packaging's Salem, Ohio, facility to a new 25,000-sq.-ft. expansion at the Franklin facility.

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  43. How to Add an On-Pack Coupon to Boost Product Sales

    By Lauren R. Hartman, Senior Editor | February 12, 2009

    Instant-redemption coupon label creates opportunities on slim blister-packs for AquaFresh toothbrushes.

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  44. Hang Tag Promotes Killian's Quality

    By | December 15, 2008

    Tri-fold tag engages consumers at the point of purchase. Produced by WS Packaging Group, the tags are offset printed in four colors and include an aqueous rub-resistant clear coat.

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  45. Car-care Product's Gloss Properties Conveyed by Prismatic Label

    By Anne Marie Mohan | October 5, 2008

    Consumers have taken a shine to Meguiar's new Ultimate Quik Detailer car-care product, launched by the Irvine, CA-based company last fall in a slick, sporty bottle with shimmering holographic label decoration.

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  46. Brewer Rebuilds Brand With New Packaging Look

    By Jack Mans, Plant Operations Editor | October 1, 2008

    Each bottle of Dundee beer features a redesigned label that reflects the individuality, personality and flavor of the craft beer inside the bottle. The paper labels, which are applied by a cold-glue labeling process, are supplied by WS Packaging Group, Inc.

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  47. No Ordinary Tube

    By Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor | September 18, 2008

    Converter WS Packaging, Algoma, WI, is offering the FlexVision extended-text label, a 100% conformable, patented label engineered specifically for plastic tubes and flexible surfaces with a diameter of 1 3/8in. or larger.

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  48. Hunter-convenient Spray Packaging

    By Judy Rice | July 10, 2008

    The high-density polyethylene bottle incorporates a handle that is designed to look like an archer's bow grip. And the TS-800 Calmar Poly Pro sprayer has a unique inverted feature, enabling the bottle to be turned completely upside down without interrupting the spraying action. The base material for the pressure-sensitive label, supplied exclusively by WS Packaging Group, Inc.

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  49. It's a wrap for Anacin

    By Healthcare Packaging | June 15, 2008

    Insight turned to WS Packaging Group to design an extended-text label for the one-size Anacin bottle. The company chose WS Packaging's EasyTab extended-text label from its MultiVision label line.

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  50. Marvel Mystery Oil Targets Hispanic Shopper with Bilingual Extended Labels

    By Package Design Magazine | June 1, 2008

    WS Packaging Group, headquartered in Algoma, WI, stepped in to help Marvel Mystery Oil leverage its 85-year-old brand into the growing Hispanic market by deploying an extended-text label that puts bilingual information directly in the hands and eyes of the consumer.

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  51. For Which Oven?

    By Kate Bertrand Connolly, Packaging Editor | April 11, 2008

    Overwhelming consumer demand for convenience is driving development of package structures that not only are microwavable or dual-ovenable but also provide taste profiles similar to those of conventionally prepared products. The result is a happy marriage of quick, easy preparation and appetite appeal.

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  52. New Label Solves Headache of Minimal OTC Shelf Space

    By Package Design Magazine | March 1, 2008

    Insight worked with a packaging engineer on a consulting basis to assist in finding the best possible solution, and it found that WS Packaging Group, in Algoma, WI, could develop a custom solution for the Anacin bottle. WS Packaging determined the best label for the Anacin project would be a pre-curved EasyTab extended text label from its MultiVision label line.

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  53. Experience Speaks: Terry Fullwiler

    By Paper, Film and Foil Converter | February 1, 2008

    Each month Paper, Film and Foil Converter Magazine has a feature called Experience Speaks where a well-known and respected leader in the converting industry is interviewed. This interview is with Terry Fulwiler, CEO of WS Packaging.

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  54. Smart Label Signals Expiration

    By Packaging Digest | September 1, 2007

    A temperature-controlled label helps CHURCH & DWIGHT CO., INC. encourage turnover of its Arm & Hammer baking soda refrigerator deodorizer by indicating when the product has expired.

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