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You'd like a quote on your Pressure-sensitive film or paper project with Glass packaging for the Food market.

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Printing Techniques

You demand consistency and high quality. We provide accurate reproduction of your printed pieces from nine print technologies–UV, narrow-web flexographic, rotary-offset, sheet-offset, web-offset, digital, flatbed screen, inline rotary-screen, and letterpress. From just hundreds to millions of labels, our equipment delivers the same high quality results, every time.

Construction Technologies

Our packaging experts will work with you to research and develop the best solution to your problem, regardless the scope or application. We have the capacity to produce simple labels and complex multi-web constructions.

Materials & Coatings

Decrease downtime and increase quality and consistency from the production line to the shelf. WS Packaging has dedicated R&D technology experts that will find the right solution for your specific application.

Finishing & Packaging

A single source from concept to completion, WS Packaging has everything you need to get your project done right, on budget, and on time with folding, over wrapping, bandoleering, collating, fan folding, bindery, shrink wrapping, saddle stitching, kitting, and poly bagging.

Certified Manufacturing Facilities

We believe good manufacturing practices (GMP) certification and compliance requirements are common sense practices that help WS Packaging move forward and continuously strive for excellence. We have consistently scored superior ratings and will continue to refine both compliance and performance standards.

Industry Trademarks and Patents

Through our Research & Development/Research & Technology teams, we find new ways to combine existing processes with new materials and ideas to drive innovation that leads to new constructions and performance metrics for promotional items, games, security and labeling. WS Packaging holds more than 30 patents for specialized materials, constructions, and performance characteristics for primary and promotional labeling.

Awards and Recognition

Awards are an important part of our industry to benchmark quality and excellence. We rely on the recognition of awards as our own internal standard of excellence. A recent notable recognition is the 2014 Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for Environmental Innovation.

  • Environmental Innovation Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for sustainable environment innovation (2014, 2009)
  • Innovate 360 Award(2009)
  • Spirit of Excellence, Hormel Foods (2009)
  • Excellence in Technical Achievement (2nd place, 2008)
  • Five-Year Hall of Fame (five consecutive years as Outstanding Supplier Performance, 2007)- Supplier of the Year, Quad Graphics (2008, 2007, 2006)
  • Excellence in Technical Achievement (four first-place awards, 2007)
  • Excellence in Technical Achievement (Multi-Process Color in Printing; one of only six first-place awards, 2007)
  • Manufacturer of the Year (Grand High-Tech Award, 2005)
  • Manufacturer of Distinction (High-Tech Award, 2005)
  • Innovative Tube of the Year (2005)
  • Customer Centric Growth (honorable mention, 2005)
  • Manufacturer of Distinction (e-commerce accomplishments category, 2004)
  • Environmental Leadership (2004)
  • Manufacturer of Distinction (large-business category and e-commerce accomplishments category, 2003)
  • Community Impact (honorable mention, 2003)
  • Converter of the Year (2000)


WebFlex™ Online Services

Project status and information in real time streamlines the production process and organizes your graphics inventory in an electronic portfolio. Download the WebFlex™ PDF

With our WebFlex™ online system you'll save time and reduce costs by combining all aspects of your project planning and management:

  • Your entire graphics inventory is maintained in a single, centralized electronic portfolio
  • All key functions in the approval process, including product development, design, marketing, and legal, have individual access to the project through dedicated WebFlex™ log-ins
  • Approval hierarchies can be customized to your organization
  • 24/7 log-in availability to WebFlex™ from our website homepage with secure password protection
  • Access information for every phase of the production and fulfillment process to keep projects on time and on budget help to increase your speed to market
  • All information is provided in real time, allowing you to better manage your supply chain even with last-minute changes.

Design & Pre-Press

Increasing purchase appeal, enhancing brand graphics, and improving production efficiencies, our ideas help deliver the results you need.

Research & Development

Innovation is about more than new products. We hold more than 60 unique printing patents, but that's only a part of what we do.


Our experience enables us to anticipate potential project challenges and build safeguards into the process to ensure smooth, efficient completion.


As cultural demographics become increasingly diverse across North America and companies expand their reach into global markets, the need for bilingual and multilingual language translation in labeling and packaging has to keep pace. That's why WS Packaging Group has partnered with KJI, a global leader in language translation services, to provide the depth of experience and translation precision required for everything from single documents to enterprise-wide initiatives.

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