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Primara™ 750 Print-and-Apply Label Applicator

Primara™ 750 Print-and-Apply Label Applicator
Primara™ 750 Print-and-Apply Label Applicator

The Primara™ 750 Print-and-Apply Label Applicator offers simplicity, dependability, and overall flexibility. Label any size of product, case, or pallet and integrate the applicator seamlessly into your unique production and handling systems.

Available in either all-electric or pneumatic power configurations, the Primara™ system offers straight or rotary tamp application options for top, side, bottom, and corner placement. Rated up to 120 labels per minute, with speeds up to 12 inches per second standard, the Primara™ 750 can help reduce overall labeling costs by automating and streamlining your label application process. These systems are available with direct thermal or thermal transfer print engines from Zebra®, Datamax®, and Sato®.

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Key Features and Benefits

This print-and-apply system is the perfect solution when you need a highly versatile and extremely robust printer applicator. Included among its industry-leading features and benefits are:

  • All-electric or pneumatic actuators allow you to match the system to your specific operation.
  • A Smart Tamp sensor system to regulate application pressure sensitivity, which allows for a broader range of labeling options.
  • The ability to apply multiple label types to the top, side, bottom, and corner of various-shaped products, including pallets.
  • Commercially available control components, which helps reduce downtime.
  • Full-size electric box with Allen Bradley controls and MicroLogix™ programmable logic control ensures reliability, easy access and user-friendly operation.


  • Dimensions: Height: 96 inches, with light stack; Length: 38 inches; Width 46 inches
  • Standard Label Dimensions: 4-inch web width standard; 6-inch web width available based on printer; 3/8-inch minimum web width standard; 6-inch web width available based on printer; 3/8-inch minimum web width: 1/2-inch minimum label length
  • Standard Label Application: tamp
  • Label Packaging: 12-inch, outside diameter rolls, standard on 3-inch inside-diameter core
  • Dispensing Speed: 12 inches of web per second, depending on print engine and application
  • Label Dispense Accuracy: +/- 1/32 inches; application accuracy: +/- 1/16 inches
  • Electrical: 120V AC; 60 Hz; 20 amps
  • All-electric or pneumatic (air) configurations are available
  • Emergency Stop Controls, as required
  • Compatible Labeling Software: BarTender, LabelVision┬«, EASYLABEL┬«, among others.


  • Tamp/blow label application
  • Wider web width: 6-inch maximum
  • Stainless steel T-base and control cabinet
  • Bi-lingual display
  • Remote-mounted operator interface
  • Label-on-pad detection
  • Light tower
  • Horizontal lead screw
  • Missing-label detect - barcode reader
  • Rotary tamp - nose up or nose down; includes label-on-pad detection and Smart Eye
  • Motorized head elevator system
  • Pneumatic head rotation for quick-change label placement options
  • Print engine heaters for environments colder than 40┬░ F
  • Reject/scan verification applications

Engineered Versatility - FAQs

  • Can RFID applications be accomplished with the Primara 750? Yes.
  • Is an external PC required? Yes.
  • What are the environmental limitations of the machine? 40° F to 104° F with 15% to 95% non-condensing RH.
  • Will it handle fan-folded labels? Yes. It is important to design fan-fold perfs that are strong enough to pull through the rollers and set up correctly for size.
  • What is the lead time? Two weeks if configured as a standard unit, with longer lead times based on upgrades and the level of customization and features ordered.
  • What are considered wear parts? The print head, rollers and belts. We also suggest holding a spare print engine in stock to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Are thermal transfer ribbons and labels tested for compatibility? Yes. All the ribbons and labels we provide are designed and tested for compatibility. We stock common sizes, as well as blank thermal transfer labels for fast shipment. WS Packaging Group is your single-source solution for all your thermal transfer label needs. For optimum performance and up time, our comprehensive selection includes a large inventory of the most commonly needed items. We also provide unique products to meet specific needs. To order, call 800-340-3424 x6371.

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WSAutomation engineers and designs label application equipment to maximize your productivity. We serve markets from food and beverage to household products, personal care to over-the-counter health products, medical to wine and spirits. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver your application solution across a broad platform of product categories and production environments.

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