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Application Equipment

Trust one source for complete, reliable automated labeling.

Application equipment engineered and designed to maximize your productivity, and brand success

What does your brand strategy demand?

  • High-speed label application or insertion
  • New-product trials
  • Expanding SKUs that require different sizes and label materials
  • Decorative labels that need to be applied anywhere - side, top, bottom, corner or multiple sides
  • RFID technology or labels
  • Push a sales lift or product trial via couponing
  • On-pack and in-pack promotional campaigns.

What does your production environment demand?

  • Smooth integration for plug-and-play flexibility of new equipment
  • Quick ramp-up to required speeds
  • Precise and consistent label placement
  • Flexibility to accommodate future line innovations in speed and efficiency
  • Adaptability to take advantage of rapidly changing markets
  • An established preventive maintenance and worn-parts replacement program that improves overall efficiency and eliminates unnecessary downtime.

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Maximizing your productivity and brand success is our goal

Spectra™ Redundant Front/Back Labeler
Spectra™ Redundant Front/Back Labeler

Whether your production system requirements can be fulfilled with our standard line of labeling equipment:

Or if you have unique labeling needs that require a truly customized solution:

You can rely on WSAutomation to engineer and build the optimal application system to handle your most demanding labeling challenge.

WS Packaging Group and WSAutomation

Lightning™ 50 Label Applicator
Lightning™ 50 Label Applicator

WS Packaging Group provides a complete label and packaging solution because we're the only printing and label converter that is an OEM of automation equipment-we print labels that are machine friendly and build machines that are label friendly.

We don't just print labels. We conquer challenges with the best possible solutions.

Full-service engineering and responsive field-service techs ensure your productivity. And flexible lease options offer the right solution for single-run or short-term needs.

We collaborate with your team to evaluate your project from every angle to determine:

  • Innovative materials engineered to maximize shelf impact with the right printing and finishing techniques.
  • Solutions to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and offer versatility, dependability, and cost savings.

Contact WS Packaging to find out how WSAutomation can help maximize your productivity and brand success.


Equipped for Success

WSAutomation engineers and designs label application equipment to maximize your productivity. We serve markets from food and beverage to household products, personal care to over-the-counter health products, medical to wine and spirits. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver your application solution across a broad platform of product categories and production environments.

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