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WS Packaging Group offers the widest array of printing and flexible packaging across 21 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico. For over 45 years we've produced high-quality packaging products for worldwide customers ranging in size from small businesses to large, high volume manufacturers and consumer product goods companies.

Our Capabilities
Give us a packaging challenge and we will exceed your expectations with never before seen results. View our Capabilities
Our History
Over 45 years of providing high-quality printing and packaging products and services. Read about our History

Give us a packaging challenge and we will exceed your expectations with never before seen results.

Our 175+ printing presses serve customers ranging in size from emerging start-up companies to category-leading Fortune 500 brands.

Leaders in Printing and Packaging

WS Packaging has a rich heritage of growth, and continues to grow as we expand our products and services to meet the emerging needs of the markets we serve.

With 21 locations and more than 2,000 employees, our extensive resources guarantee responsiveness for our customers, wherever their location.

Our Corporate Headquarters

WS Packaging Group, Inc.
2571 S. Hemlock Road
Green Bay, WI 54229
United States

For general questions, give us a call at 1-800-818-5481.

Our normal office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm central standard time. Currently it is 04:41am, Sunday so our offices are closed.

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Value added Services

WS Packaging can be your single source solution. Our extensive printing techniques, complex constructions, innovative materials, and wide variety of finishing and packaging systems will propel your brand to the next level. You can also rely on us for all your logistical labeling needs for tracking, shipping, and receiving.

Discover more ways we can help you.

Sustainable Packaging

We offer sustainable packaging options that help reduce environmental impact, while maintaining effectiveness and brand presence. We adhere to responsible environmental practices at all our manufacturing facilities. Our efforts to reduce our environmental impact have been honored by third-party organizations.

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